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Chapter 11 - Breakfast

“Did you see the score of the game last night?” asked one of the cruise line passengers waiting in the front of the line at the omelet station.


“No, sir. I didn’t,” I replied. There was so little time to keep up with sports, work, and living on a cruise ship. 


After about omelet number thirty-five for the morning, I’m daydreaming and on auto-pilot at this point. There is a full boat of passengers on board right now ... We were docked at the last stop before heading back to our home port. Everyone is hungover from the night before, crew and passengers alike, so it was just one of those quiet mornings. “More ... more bacon than that ... more ... more ... tad bit more ... ok,” said another passenger... Do you want me to flip an (American Style) omelet instead? Please ... I got this!


Start the day right with one of these awesome breakfast recipes!

best breakfast recipes
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